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Monday, March 8, 2010

jusTMY thot

Be sleek in mvmnt dnt push sand geek. U must be the first 2 strategicaly do smttin even opp as the 2nd be the best. Xterstics of what makes a member attribs
Be in cntrl courtsey in contrib.. .
Logicaly u do nt av 2stay so mch
Arnd ppl, lwr dan u whu u really dnt av anytin 2 dis with, thed cos u geeksh acts and discomf. jst mayb greetn and adlt affctn
The point is they ar actually nt able 2 arouse ur intellkt. AT times a smile or cmplmnt might gv an attrctn impressn , i.e ur intentn, when over used/out of cntxt e.g a smile, to like, affctn. .. Worse if same sex.
WAYS 'n actn; Corpo, child ignrntGeekFLaw,
Matt, mattFlx, MIX-full; part, (avr+chld/geek) Make.them.sm├Čle charm sleek-susp swanky ability.2stay.of.emo
..others..CCBB& SPSD and abv is ok 2stands.

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