Knowledge is proud that hd knows so much wisdom is humble that he knows no more'

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Suspence intrigue a daring attitude lots of no eye, lots of care, a wide eye free and passive p's (oso,) less and meaning full words really freaks and intimidtes ppl out. Quick or slow sensibl talk. Signature mvmnt, and a nature flaw to crown it all they always maimtain their guard level so dnt come saying shit they own the game nd av various wayr to displ dodge and wave u of when ur appr is lowlvl. ..
They actually let u realize u av taken it 2 d extremes or av dne whats nt up to stands. Or nt been able 2 recog what is geeky.
The speed at which u break off an invalid comm shows d degree of ur geekiness.
As a guardd p u dont talk much but only comm with every other sense apart 4rm eyes an mouth, talk less and nly sense. becos most nf the time u will be may mixn with those of the low level whu really always dnt av much of any importance to say.

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