Knowledge is proud that hd knows so much wisdom is humble that he knows no more'

Sunday, March 21, 2010

3r'd Eye(pptv)

recog. Sm1 n a way possibly a shout out goes2shw hw imp the pesn is and how 'clse' and of value 'reflxive' 4 u 2 recognize.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Suspence intrigue a daring attitude lots of no eye, lots of care, a wide eye free and passive p's (oso,) less and meaning full words really freaks and intimidtes ppl out. Quick or slow sensibl talk. Signature mvmnt, and a nature flaw to crown it all they always maimtain their guard level so dnt come saying shit they own the game nd av various wayr to displ dodge and wave u of when ur appr is lowlvl. ..
They actually let u realize u av taken it 2 d extremes or av dne whats nt up to stands. Or nt been able 2 recog what is geeky.
The speed at which u break off an invalid comm shows d degree of ur geekiness.
As a guardd p u dont talk much but only comm with every other sense apart 4rm eyes an mouth, talk less and nly sense. becos most nf the time u will be may mixn with those of the low level whu really always dnt av much of any importance to say.

Monday, March 8, 2010

jusTMY thot

Be sleek in mvmnt dnt push sand geek. U must be the first 2 strategicaly do smttin even opp as the 2nd be the best. Xterstics of what makes a member attribs
Be in cntrl courtsey in contrib.. .
Logicaly u do nt av 2stay so mch
Arnd ppl, lwr dan u whu u really dnt av anytin 2 dis with, thed cos u geeksh acts and discomf. jst mayb greetn and adlt affctn
The point is they ar actually nt able 2 arouse ur intellkt. AT times a smile or cmplmnt might gv an attrctn impressn , i.e ur intentn, when over used/out of cntxt e.g a smile, to like, affctn. .. Worse if same sex.
WAYS 'n actn; Corpo, child ignrntGeekFLaw,
Matt, mattFlx, MIX-full; part, (avr+chld/geek) Make.them.sm├Čle charm sleek-susp swanky ability.2stay.of.emo
..others..CCBB& SPSD and abv is ok 2stands.